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line is that he supports the elimination of traditional medicare in much the same way that paul ryan has proposed. they offer plans that would shift costs to seniors and they would be tremendously burdened with out-of-pocket expenses if their voucher didn't keep up with run away health care costs. i was raised by my grandparents so i had a chance as a young person to understand the value of medicare. i don't believe it's just a program, it's a promise. and in my campaign it's a promise that i vow to keep should i become wisconsin's next u.s. senator. >> congresswoman, the polls are showing the presidential race closer than i think people had anticipat anticipated. john kerry won wisconsin 2004. it's a little surprising it's being considered a swing state. paul ryan on the ticket is part of it. part of it is the economy. it seems like the wisconsin economy is underperforming. how do you talk to voters about president obama's record when that's the case? >> well, we all see signs of recovery, but i think across the nation and certainly in wisconsin a little frustrated with the pace. ne
, and then paul ryan goes out on the trail and goes back to romney and romney's initial arguments about they're shipping stuff over and totally trashing the auto bailout without ever mentioning that paul ryan voted for the auto bailout. it is surreal and i have to tell you "the toledo blade" my old paper, front page stories each day about this isn't true, how are people responding. i think that when the history of this campaign is written, there's going to be a chapter on this and it's going to be mitt romney's -- i mean, it is a high bar, mitt romney's dumbest move. >> betsey, can you adjudicate a little bit this dispute about what happened in auto in terms of mitt romney's contention that he was basically for the policy that ended up happening even though he clearly was intervening in the debate to make sure that policy didn't happen. >> well, i think he wasn't for the bailout. i don't think anyone thinks he was. he's on record saying he wasn't. >> right. >> but to be fair to him, there were a lot of economists who said -- >> yes. >> -- this is private sector business, if they can't make i
in 2008. it would be a swing back for wisconsin. paul ryan is on the ticket. there's some thinking there and the polling is relatively close. he would also -- if he didn't win ohio, the run of all the swing states, colorado, virginia, north carolina, florida, et cetera. >> wisconsin is interesting. we neglected wisconsin, it's very important. wisconsin is a state where we had this recall election in the past. the ground game for the republicans is very strong. a lot of things about obama has been the ground game they have developed since 2008. it's been so efficient. so many field offices. wisconsin is the state where they had the recent recall where republicans invested in the get out the vote. it could be where you get the surprise. >> it's strong for progressives and organized labor because not just the governor's recall election, but the state house recall election, which actually went the other way. i have said from the beginning, which is a nice thing to be able to say, no matter what happens in the news and the polls, here is going to be my analysis of it for the rest of the
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)